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An artistic painting is a beautiful adornment of any interior, if you wish to:

  • Decorate your home,
  • Create an individual style of your lounge,
  • Make the bedroom cozy,
  • Accentuate identity of interior in your office,
  • Make a memorable gift to a close friend,

then you are at the right place! You fall in love with expression of my artworks, their style and the stroke, yet a painting you have imagined is not exactly as one of those presented in the gallery. If you wish to have a painting that matches a certain place in your home or office, or your desire is to have your favourite colour included in the painting, then it is possible to order it from me. The background to commission for a painting order is that your wishes are aligned with my style and I have my artistic freedom.

Want your personal piece of art, please send me a message using the form below. Afterwards, we schedule a meeting where we discuss your wishes and ideas. The meeting could be a Skype conversation. It ends up with a price offer for the painting. Finally we agree on a date when the art work could be ready.

If the finished painting does not live up to your expectations, you always have chance to regret the purchase. I will however retain 10 percent of the agreed sum to cover the materials cost.

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