About Dana’s artworks

One of the stars in modern art, Dana Moldakhmetova, makes artworks in graphics and visual art. In her works, she represents culture, way of life and traditions of the Kazakh people. Each of her paintings has a national flavour. Working in her own unique authentic technique, Dana stylizes Kazakh ornament, traditional utensils and elements of jewelry. Her artworks are modern and ideally complete an interior of home or office.

Work in ethnic style expresses rich inner world of the artist. Characters in the paintings are heartfelt, open to the world, lively and smiley. Depicting major moments in life such as birth or wedding, using images and characters from the rich cultural heritage, the artist instills sense of love, friendship, respect and responsibility. Dana employs a wide colour palette in order to portray beauty of home land. You are warmly welcome to explore her portfolio.

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